Вопросы и ответы

When booking, you will need to indicate a suitable border crossing point. It is not possible to change the crossing point for a confirmed booking.
No. If you want to change the border crossing point, you must first cancel your existing booking and make a new one, indicating the appropriate border point
It is not possible to change the car number and driver details in an existing booking. However, it is possible to supplement the list of drivers by clicking the "Add drivers" button when viewing the reservation. Below is a detailed video tutorial for your reference.
Yes. To adjust the date and time of the booking, you need to open your booking and click on the button "Reschedule booking date", select the date and time that suits you and click "Save"
No. There is no booking fee. Payment will be regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the State Border"
No. It will be possible to add another booking for one vehicle only after crossing the border or when canceling an existing booking
You need to arrive at the waiting area before the appointed time and wait for your turn. When your booking time comes up, drive up to the checkpoint